Welcome to Irvine Green Acupuncture
4850 Barranca Pkwy Suite 205, Irvine, CA, 92604 opss4133@naver.com +1 949-504-0447

Flawless beautiful skin is one’s pride.
The most important thing is to know one’s skin type and condition in
skincare and then appropriate cosmetics and care methods are equally
Our clinic will help for one to maintain one’s youth skin condition with
providing differentiated skincare methods by one’s skin type.
By extension, we will also help for one to restore one’s elastic skin through
enhancing skin regeneration ability by our clinic’s special skincare methods.
Our clinic skincare service will help one’s face to be cleaned and
transparent skin
and tidy up or puffy and flabby on one’s face by stimulate dermal layer,
muscular layer and fat layer of the face with exclusive craftsmanship
skincare skills and also help one’s face to be thin face type and soft face
line and it will serve satisfaction above one’s expectation.

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